Xiaomi mi4i review : Specs and price

  Xiaomi mi4 is better than Samsung galaxy S5 : Say antutu.
Today in OzPhone we know why the Xiaomi mi4 is strong phone with good price .
as you know that the Chinese company: Xiaomi has become the biggest sociéter with their best phone with  best price

Xiaomi mi4i review : Specs and price

  With 3GB in ram and strong battery 3080 mAh moreover snapdragon 801 2,5 GHz . Xiaomi mi4 is the best cheap phone for just 215$ !
 Xiaomi mi4 have in screen IPS LCD 5-inch Full HD resolution and and a back camera of 13 megapixels, which gives us beautiful pictures .

Xiaomi mi4 full specs

Xiaomi Mi 4
Android version
Screen Size
5 inches
1080 x 1920 pixels
Pixel density
441 dpi
Processor (CPU)
MSM8975AC Snapdragon 801 2.5 GHz
Graphics chip (GPU)
Adreno 330
3 Go
Internal memory
16 Go
Camera (dorsal)
13 megapixels
Camera (front)
8 megapixels
Video recording
2160p @ 30fps
Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac
Xiaomi mi4i review : Specs and price

A beautiful display

 With 5 inch screen with full HD resolution (1080 x 1920 pixels) . So, the density is 441 pixels per inch, which is already more than pleasant to use. In building the mobile, Xiaomi really put a climax to provide a beautiful screen. This is the case with a lot of light, especially a tile glued to the screen that really gives us that impression to stick our fingers icons.
Xiaomi mi4i review : Specs and price
It is difficult, if not impossible, to blame anything on the screen E4. This is in no doubt the finest products of the firm on this point in particular. Moreover there is a great mastery recently from Chinese manufacturers. Without wishing spoiler, the Huawei Ascend Mate 7 screen also may surprise you .

MIUI commands

As when testing the redmi Note, we will not dwell on the software part in it, since the mobile is installed on the same version of MIUI as screened on the Mi3. So, the features have already been discussed in a dedicated section. The difference here is that the E4 is based on Android 4.4.2 .

MIUI Android 4.4.2 and 5
The interface here is a model of fluidity - KitKat thank you. The expertise of Xiaomi on the matter once again proved with the E4 and use the mobile every day is a breeze.Note that the ROM in question does not have the Play Store. To access the Play Store, it will therefore put hands dirty or wait until an international version of the ROM with the Play Store still in the testing phase by Xiaomi, is available for download. Anyway, this type of software layer requires a minimum of knowledge in the world of Android to make the most of the potential of the phone.

Top performance

With its Snapdragon 801, the Mi4 promised us good performances, and that is indeed the case. Different benchmark performed show some ease at both the CPU as the GPU (see table below).We observe that the mobile exceeds our Xperia Z3 test pattern. the analysis of certain results, the E4 mark many points on the "storage i / o" speed reading and writing of the ROM. Xiaomi have installed a flash memory chip faster than that of Sony, for example. It's always a little more to make.
Benchmark / Mobile
Sony Xperia Z3
Xiaomi Mi 4
43800 Points
45957 Points
(T-Rex 1080p)
1551 points
(27.7 fps)
1559 points
(27.8 fps)
3D Mark
(Ice Storm Unlimited)
18044 Points
20089 Points
Vellamo (multi-core)
1834 points
1699 points
Vellamo (Metal)
1505 points
1688 points
 Actual use is also being these data since we tested the mobile Real Racing. The fluidity is good and Game Bench evidenced with an average of 44 frames per second. It is observed here against a violent heating over the entire upper part of the mobile, where the processor is located. CPU-Z indicates that the battery is more than 41 degrees, but the reality is certainly beyond. Fortunately, the metal contours of Mi4 allow it to dissipate heat fast enough.

Real Racing

4G? What 4G?


The Mi 4 is compatible 4G . But the bad surprise is that the frequency bands supported are those found in France. It will then not be possible to use the LTE network in the hexagon, which proves to be too bad, but Xiaomi said during the presentation of his device a version of its Mi 4 compatible with international LTE bands arrive by the end of the year. The grip 3G network also suffers from any problem, and call quality is excellent.



Multimedia: honors


The Xiaomi Mi 4 is equipped with a 13 megapixel camera with an f / 1.8 aperture. The selected sensor is a Sony IMX214 sensor (BSI technology), which is quite praised. It's good to see this type of sensor, usually rather used by the "big" manufacturers on the market, get a Xiaomi mobile.
The first thing that marks us the use of this camera is the trigger speed. Scarcely is the finger on the screen as the picture is taken. Then we see that the sensor is of quality with sharpness shots made (no grain, no bright halo, no gray areas) and color fidelity.sometimes we can to limit reproached a lack of light, giving a look a little dull to some photographs.

The sharpness is the rendezvous.

The sensor operates alone, rather the colors.

The sensor well manages the various plans. Here the point is on the stop of the stick.

The trigger is so fast that you can have fun easily.

At night, with lighting and HDR mode activated

Sans HDR
We only issue a small reserve on the HDR mode of this terminal, which does not really bring added value to the photographs, while he yet been tested in various light conditions, and even at night. In addition, the trip time tends to make them much less sharp images. Grossomodo, it's pretty much the same picture quality as the OnePlus One .


This small speaker grille, located at the bottom right of the mobile, is powerful (and accurate) and will absolutely listen to music or watch a video without it being unpleasant.


On our usual test of autonomy - an hour of video on Youtube - the Xiaomi Mi 4 is doing pretty well with a loss of 18% load. Is also observed that this is the screen that consumes most of the energy, which is hardly surprising given the quality and display brightness mobile.

18% in one hour, it is honest
In actual use, the situation is similar. The Mi4 frankly holds up well with its 3080 mAh battery, and it will be easy to take a full day. We can say thank you to the optimization of the system and the "logical" choice of components (see: S801 Full HD).

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