Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs and Price with Full reviews

 After the review of Samsung galaxy S3 in Ozphone and before review the samsung galaxy S5 and Samsung galaxy S6 in OzPhone .Today we see together  the samsung galaxy S4 Specs 

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs and Price with Full reviews

 Offered by Samsung, the Galaxy S4 has been assessed by our lab tests.We offer below all the measurements in our tests.With a larger screen and a thinner case and lighter than the Galaxy S3, the new Galaxy S4 is also more powerful and offers many additional features ...

A large display that appeals

With a processor among the most powerful the Snapdragon 600 from Qualcomm, a quad-core 1.9 GHz S4 watch an infallible reactivity, including the latest games in 3D effects. Just can you blame him to warm up too when very busy. The display of high definition display (1920 x 1080 points) impresses with its quality. Super AMOLED technology has the S4 further improved, to the infinite contrast adds a somewhat higher brightness than the S3 (300 cd / m²). Despite its size, the screen does not compromise the autonomy of the smartphone, very good, with over 14 hours on call, 7:30 and 9:30 surfing 3G video playback. Even if it does not reach that of the Galaxy Note 2 , which remains a champion in the field ...

Really pro photo and video

In photo, S4 proves to be a great surprise. Its sensor goes from 8 to 13 megapixels but mostly delivers performance, good lighting conditions, often higher than the iPhone 5 , reference in the field. For lowlights, Nokia Lumia 920 or HTC One , however, remains more effective. On capture and video playback, the S4 is as good as the S3 with the support of many formats (MKV, DivX, Xvid, WMV, etc.) and HD up to 1080p. Note, too bad, the disappearance of the FM radio.

Useful features, some a little gadget

But it is in the field of software and applications that the S4 sensation. Some are more a show of force that a real improvement in practice. Others, quite bluffing, will be useful in everyday life to succeed your photos, you entertain or save time. These new integrated with TouchWiz overlay is the possibility to control the smartphone by gestures (very effective) or even the look (a little less efficient). With Air View option, the preview of the contents of folders or SMS is instantaneous in the pointing fingertip (a feature present on the Note 2 but required the use of the stylus): the effect is staggering, the utility more questionable. Finally, beyond a health application (S Health), instant translator in written and spoken (S-Translator), are the new modes pictures that impress the most. Alongside the classics (HDR, Panorama, etc.), we find the most amazing features like Eraser intruders passage on a picture or drama to merge multiple shots of a moving subject in one photo editing. Pretty dazzling!

Compatible with the latest tech

Like the S3, Galaxy S4 is distinguished by its removable battery and a MicroSD reader (supports cards) up to 64GB. Pretty essential to the extent that only the 16GB version of the smartphone is, for now, on sale and leaves less than 10 GB for the user to store its files. Finally, the S4 supports MHL (for HDMI connection with the TV), DLNA (even wireless thing), Miracast (to use the TV as the mirror screen smartphone), NFC (for contactless payment or exchange of data). It also supports mobile networks up to 42 Mbit / s and 4G. In short, it incorporates many new technologies and all this will soon be complemented by an extensive catalog of accessories.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Specs


SystemAndroid 4.4.2
User interfaceTouchWiz 4.0
ProcessorQualcomm Snapdragon 600
Number of Cores4
processor frequency1.9 GHz
graphics chipQualcomm Adreno 320
Supported cardsMicroSD, MicroSDHC and microSDXC
Inforandom access memory (RAM)2048 Mo
Add flash memory (MB)9200
InfoSAR value (W / kg)0.28
Double SIMNo


Size (Diagonal) (inch)5
Screen technologySuper AMOLED
InfoDefinition screen1920 x 1080
Screen Resolution (dpi)441
Detailed Multipoint10 points


Wi-Fi standard802.11n / ac
Bluetooth version4.0
NFC SupportYes (enabled)
Support infrared (IrDA)Yes
PC interfaceUSB 2.0
Type USBmicro USB
InfoUSB Host CompatibilityYes
TV (digital) outputvia microUSB (MHL)


voice guidanceYes


Main camera sensor13 Mpixels
video recording (main)1920 x 1080
Sensor frontYes
Definition video up front sensorHD 1080p (1920 * 1080)
FM radioNo
Type of hands-free kitIn-Ear Headset


GSM bands850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Max. 3G reception42 Mbit / s
Compatible 4G network (LTE)Yes
Size of storage space made available (GB)15


removable batteryYes
Battery Capacity (mAh)2600


Width (cm)6.98
Height (cm)13.66
Thickness (cm)0.79
Volume (cm3)75.324
Weight (g)130

The verdict

Despite an ultra-thin housing and dimensions that are very reasonable for its large screen, the Galaxy S4 features a full and most efficient equipment. Gifted in photos and video, bristling with new original features and works with the latest version of Android, the new smartphone from Samsung will overshadow its competitors.     SAMSUNG GALAXY S4: ACCESSORIES

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